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DNSSEC on IDN .test zones

Yesterday ICANN began DNSSEC signing the IDN .test zones. Over the next few days, we will be testing and carefully monitoring the system. It is not expected that DNSSEC or the testing will have any effect on normal DNS operations. Any user experiences or problems or feedback should be reported to <>. This deployment is […]

“ICANN 2008年新德里大会”关于IDNs的简报(独家首发)



Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)

The introduction of IDNs – domain names in non-Latin scripts – will be one of the biggest changes to the Internet since its inception.

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What does the IDN wiki give us?

One topic that kept being misunderstood at the ICANN meeting in India was ‘what is the purpose of the IDN wiki’ – the example.test site that are actual IDN TLDs in the root. I’ll try to explain what is going on with the wiki and what it can and cannot be used for.

First some background and […]

Proposed Criteria for the New .IDN TLD allocation

It is necessary to discovered that what kind of planning is going to be formed for the issuance of new TLDs (IDN.IDN, .IDN, gTLD, ccTLD)?

Which of the following basis or criteria is proposed:

1. “first come first serve” or
2. “intellectual property rights only” or
3. “by offering to existing registrars of other TLDs before allowing to Public?”
4. “by keeping in view to maintain Internet with through monopolists?”
5. “to selected companies assigned or authorized by regional government”

ICANN authorities comments and public response is requested.

Imran Ahmed Shah

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What IDNs Mean to DotAsia: A Conversation with Edmon Chung of DotAsia

by Chuck Kisselburg ( Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia, and his staff have been working at developing community around the new .Asia TLD. With the .Asia community encompassing a varied collection of countries and cultures, I felt Edmon’s insight towards IDNs would prove to be a valuable discussion. It should also be noted that today […]

Internet in Hindi & Regional Languages Soon

magine writing an e-mail in urdu, using urdu script, an urdu e-mail id within an urdu domain and receiving a reply in hindi, with a hindi e-mail id, hindi domain, etc. Due to the various scripts and languages used in India, plus the fact that many of them have very similar characters (22 official languages […]

ICANN in New Delhi – what happened

As ICANN calls a close to its meeting this week in Delhi, we can look back at the major happenings there. domain name front running, domain tasting and Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) were the main some of the main issues discussed.
The meeting was attended by 720 participants from 76 countries, including 290 participants from the […]

The Complete Guide to IDNs (International Domain Names)

Just a quick note before I tell you about the IDN guide… I just got over a terrible case of the flu. Maybe it was all that rain in Hollywood? Anyway, I am back from my extended break and ready to get the DotSauce gears turning as before.
I must admit, I […]

Why is seemingly kept a secret?

ICANN always speaks about IDNs as if they are something off into the future. Of course what they refer to is the idn.idn (unicode.unicode), have been registered by Verisign since 2000′, and are functioning on the internet and in use today. Now that IE7 is out, all computers running that can resolve

I an curious why with all the recent IDN publicity, idn.idn tests etc. it is NEVER mentioned by ICANN or Tina Dam, Head of IDN program that,,, etc. etc. are online and resolving fine on the internet today?

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Les IDN en vedette

Dans un pays hôte où les langues et les scriptes sont si nombreux (22 langues officielles), personne ne sera étonné de voir les IDN occuper le devant de la scène. Ces noms internationalisés – comprenez des noms de domaine acceptant des caractères autres que le seul code ASCII, des accents français aux caractères mandarins en […]