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Dominios IDN

Un nombre de dominio internacionalizado o Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) es un nombre de dominio de Internet que (potencialmente) contiene caracteres no ASCII. Este tipo de dominios puede contener caracteres con acento diacrítico, como se requiere en muchos lenguajes europeos (entre ellos, el español), o caracteres de escrituras no latinas como la árabe y las […]

Argentina se prepara para darle la bienvenida a la ?ñ?, las tildes y las diéresis en los dominios

Además, se podrá añadir el subdominio “” para reemplazar al “”, utilizado como referencia de la palabra goverment, del inglés.
El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, a través del NIC Argentina (el registro de nombre de dominios de nuestro país), trabaja hace más de un año en el desarrollo del proyecto, que ahora tiene el visto bueno […]

IDN.SU registration

The xn-- domains registration will be started on April 28, 12 a.m. (MSK)

Sedo Auctions Phishing Domains

I do recommend investing in IDNs – but only when appropriate. Appropriate means good commercial and similar terms in languages that use more than just English’s 26 letters of the alphabet. However, domains that are simply English words, replacing a vowel such as an “i” with an “ì” …

IDNs Prevent Death

I’ve said before that IDNs are going to do well simply because even if people know English fluently as a second language, they prefer to use their native tongue when using the internet. Now an extreme example of the importance of IDNs has just surfaced – because IDNs weren’t …

China Surpasses US In Number of Internet Users.

by Chuck Kisselburg
While leaving my hotel the other day I happened to glance at the USA Today newspaper. At the bottom of the front page was a story titled, “ChinaUSA in Internet users vaults past ”. As the story points out, the number of Chinese on the Internet hit more than 220 million […]

Hanno Böck: ping with IDN

Today I asked myself if I can ping an IDN host.

My default ping (iputils on linux) couldn’t do it, but I found some patches out there, e.g. from Fedora. Thanks to SpanKY, we now also have IDN-enabled ping in Gentoo (he used a modified patch).

Moniker To Auction Geo Domains In Paris will be hosting a geo domain auction in Paris in June. They recently sent out an auction alert thru their newsletter. The geo domain industry is maturing and the international market is exactly where the fire needs to be ignited. continues to educate business owners and investors on the importance of a great […]

.NZ: Internationalised Domains Names – Second Consultation

Previously, comment has been sought on potential issues associated with the implementation of IDNs in .nz, along with any other issues that the IDN working group (WG) should consider. (Submissions received can be viewed here A meeting of the IDN WG was held on the 18th of February to discuss the submissions we received. […]

Green Taxi: Korean Case for IDNs and Generics

I would like to spell out a clear example of a case for both IDN domains and the international language of generic domains.
In Korea this week, I have taken notice to most URL’s listed on print ads (billboards and magazines primarily). IDN’s have yet to proliferate through Korea. I have not yet seen an ad with […]