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Multiple Domains Resellers in Colombia

The Ministry of Communications in Colombia has ready the Resolution which regulates the management of domains in Colombia. At this moment it is pending the process to initiate the Tender. The following are most important points: The management of domains in Colombia will be given to a 3rd party. The entity selected to manage the Colombian […]

Russian IDN (Сочи.com) Banks $21,555

The Russian IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) Сочи.com sold recently for a whopping $21,555. The auction took place on IDN forum IDNChannel.
With all the auctions and sales that took place this week, this one took place at a normal forum auction and sold for well over what other ASCII domains at the other auctions did.
It was […]

Japan Domain Market Demystified

by Darshaun Nadeau
Ever sat at one of the VeriSign “State of the domain” meetings at any of the ICANN meetings? Or read their reports about countries with the greatest opportunity in domains? Almost without question you will learn that Japan is earmarked as the country with the greatest opportunity for growth in the domain […]

UNESCO: International conference set foundations for linguistic diversity in cyberspace

19-09-2008 (Moscow) An international conference “Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace” addressed the issue of multilingualism on the Internet last July in Yakutsk, Russian Federation. The Conference was organized by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Russian Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography, in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Moscow […]

Spoofing possible thanks to particular characters

By the technique, that the homograph-Attack is named, become sites made with a domain name in which not-English characters prevent. An example of this is www.pа In the address beam appeared usual paypal. com, but in reality ends up the internal pus on a site of a swindler. Swindlers can for instance also a known […]

IEFT planning internationalized email addresses

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has published three crucial documents for the standardisation of email address headers that include symbols outside the ASCII character set. This means that soon you’ll be able to use Chinese characters, French accents, and German umlauts in email addresses as well as just in the body of the message. […]

ICANN: Consolidated Overview of Public Comments on the Final Report of the IDNC Working Group Available for Review

As part of its commitment to keep the community full informed on public policy matters of significant interest, the ICANN staff has prepared and posted a consolidated overview of public comments submitted on the Final Report of the IDNC Working Group on ccTLD Fast Track Mechanisms. That report, “Consolidated overview, Public comments on Final Report […]

Karaitiana Taiuru: Regional allocations

As the recently appointed Chairman of the ICANN APRALO i have the opportunity to lead an organisation during a time of much public consultation and change. One of the exciting consultations is the geographic regions policy. It seems to me that for years we have debated about having the AP region and its value. Two […]

Latest JPRS reports on IDN ccTLD

JPRS posted these reports on their homepage. Apparently they haven’t decided anything about the way to introduce new IDN ccTLD. They say there are 3 options. a) Give .jp registrants .日本, too; b) Issue .日本 separately; and c)  Alias .jp to .日本. The reports argue pros and cos of each option.  It also […]

Vietnamese domain name unmarketable

Bridge – Just 3,800 domain names have been registered in Vietnamese since they were first issued 18 months ago. Most site owners said they registered their domains in Vietnamese to not miss advertising opportunities on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Cao Kim Trong, Director of the Kim Tín Jewelry Company, was one of the […]